Our Guarantee

As A Professional Florist, We Guarantee Your Satisfaction with every order! Please, Just call us @ (717)632-2488 with any concerns, as we offer a 2 Day Money Back Guarantee & 5 Day Full Replacement Guarantee !! WE BELIEVE IN PROVIDING THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE TO YOU ! PROMOTE Longer Life of Your flowers by: - CHANGING THE WATER AT LEAST EVERY OTHER DAY AND RE-CUT BOTTOM OF ALL STEMS AT THIS TIME to Enhance the flowers Hydration Process. (OR ADDING FRESH WATER TO OASIS) - Keep Flowers in Cool Environment(65 - 72 Degrees F) & AWAY from all heat, sunlight, & fan sources. DEPENDING ON THE AVAILABILITY OF TYPES/COLOR VARIATION OF FLOWERS, WE MAY SUBSTITUTE THE FLOWER AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE. WE ALSO HAVE "UNIQUE FLOWERS", AT DIFFERENT TIMES, THAT ARE NOT PICTURED/LISTED...SO JUST CALL US TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE AVAILABLE TO DESIGN YOU A PERSONALIZED BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET FOR YOUR LOVED ONES.